Brace yourself for love at first sip.

Teaniru is more than just a tea brand; it is the product of a vision- to be an authentic tea experience like no other. Every cup of Teaniru is a revolution, a fine blend of tradition and innovation to the timeless ritual of tea-drinking. Our diverse range of flavored teas is not just about adding aroma and taste; it's our tribute to the countless tea lovers of our country.

Join us on this journey, where every cup is a celebration, every flavor a story, and every moment a memory.

Chais that will
melt your heart!

Make your moments truly special with our chai collection!


What makes us special

Exceptional Sourcing

Our teas are exclusively sourced from lush, single estate gardens scattered across the prime tea-growing regions from all parts of the world. This ensures the freshest and highest-quality tea leaves make their way into every Teaniru blend

Native Habitat Harvest

Our blends contain organic spices, herbs, and flowers harvested from their native habitats, adding an authentic and distinct touch to our tea blends.

Supporting Local Communities

Through fair trade and sustainable practices, we collaborate directly with local farmers. Each sip of Teaniru contributes to a thriving community.

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Our Promise

Marching towards betterment

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