Teaniru's tea story

At Teaniru, we're more than just a tea brand; we're a revolution in every cup, bringing a blend of tradition and innovation to the timeless ritual of tea-drinking.

 Our narrative began in 2021, propelled by the visionary guidance of Dr. Gopal Bethi. With his forward-thinking ideals setting the groundwork, our Co-founder, Mr. Praveen Easwaramurthi, and the creative force behind each blend our Dynamic CEO, Ms. Ganga Devarajan, the person behind the blend, embarked on a mission to offer holistic wellness teas to the world. Venturing first into the US market, our offerings—meticulously crafted using pure leaf teas combined with authentic ingredients—didn't just cater to the palate but also paved the path for a balanced lifestyle. This commitment to quality and health bore fruit, leading us to serve over a million cups in a market thousands of miles away.

 But our heart yearned for home. In India, chai isn't just a beverage; it's an emotion, a daily ritual, a conversation starter, and so much more. Recognizing the depth of this bond, we wanted to introduce a twist to the traditional tea-drinking experience. Our diverse range of flavored teas is not just about adding aroma and taste; it's our tribute to the countless tea lovers of our country.

 Teaniru India is not merely about change; it's about evolution, enhancing what's beloved and introducing nuances that make every sip an exploration. Join us on this journey, where every cup is a celebration, every flavor a story, and every moment a memory.

 Here's to the timeless, the innovative, and the passionate world of tea. At Teaniru, you'll love it at first sip.

Our Tea Tales

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