The Surprising Benefits of Jaggery Tea

Benefits of gud-ki chai

Jaggery has been a constant staple in Indian homes for a long time where people have savoured jaggery tea in winter. It is a traditional Indian tea that can be flavoured to one’s preference with spices and herbs. Gud wali chai as it is called in India, stands out for its distinctive sweetness and earthy charm. It is best relished in the cold season and is considered healthy too because it is packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin B, phosphorus,  iron, sucrose, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. During winter, your body needs ample nutrition to sustain, therefore, consuming jaggery is good for a day-to-day diet to boost immunity. 


Origin of Jaggery tea 

The roots of jaggery tea can be traced down to South Asia where consuming the drink has been a practice for ages.Jaggery, a traditional, unrefined sugar made from sugarcane or palm sap, has been a staple for centuries down here.Jaggery also holds great significance in Ayurvedic traditions where it has been believed to have various health benefits like aiding digestion, providing relief from common ailments and so on. Ancestors passed this knowledge as legacy and jaggery tea continues to be a natural remedy that is regularly consumed in these parts


Health benefits of jaggery tea

Boasting a variety of health benefits, jaggery tea claims the space of sweetened tea like no other. Keep reading to know some of the health benefits of jaggery tea!


Natural sweetness

Jaggery is a natural, unrefined sugar made from sugarcane juice or palm sap. When sugar goes through the refining process, it loses all its goodness except for sweetness. But jaggery retains its natural minerals and antioxidants during the production process. This helps it provide sweetness without rapidly spiking blood sugar levels, like white sugar.

Sore throat relief

The anti-inflammatory compounds present in jaggery help in reducing swelling and irritation in the throat. This makes it effective as a sore throat remedy. Jaggery also helps in clearing mucous from the respiratory tract. By clearing and expelling the mucous from the tract, jaggery tea can help in alleviating cough and clearing sore throat aches.

Immunity Enhancer

Jaggery has the following properties which help in keeping the immune system safe and healthy:

  • Nutrient-rich composition:  Iron, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins such as B6 are some of the minerals present in jaggery, which are crucial to maintaining overall health and supporting immune function. Jaggery is also filled with antioxidants like selenium and zinc, which help  reduce oxidative stress in the body. When oxidative stress is lesser in the body, the body is able to defend itself better from any kind of external attack.


  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Jaggery is packed with anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce chronic inflammation that is linked to weakened immunity. And tea is naturally rich in polyphenols and catechins which have strong antioxidant properties, thus maintaining immunity in the body. 


  • Respiratory health protection: Jaggery tea clears mucous from the system and helps keep the respiratory system in optimal health, thus safeguarding the body’s immunity.


  • Detoxifier: Jaggery is a natural detoxifier and helps flush out toxins from the body thus cleansing the liver. When the burden of toxins in the immune system is reduced, it functions better. 


  • Haemoglobin boosting properties: The high iron content in jaggery tea helps in increasing the haemoglobin content in the body. When the haemoglobin content is increased, Oxygen is transported throughout the body more efficiently helping it function better.

Contains No Chemical Additives

Jaggery tea is naturally processed and retains its mineral content. These minerals also act as a natural preservative. The harmful chemicals that are associated with white sugar are not present in jaggery. Hence adding jaggery to your tea makes it a superior choice of sweetener. 

Helps in weight loss

There are different ways in which jaggery tea aids in weight loss. Firstly, jaggery is a natural sweetener with fewer calories. Secondly, it helps in increasing metabolism and improving digestion. Thirdly, it helps in regulating appetite. Finally, its nutrient rich properties help in detoxification of the body. All of these when combined with regular exercise help in achieving weight loss faster!

Calories in Jaggery tea

For people looking to watch their calorie intake, jaggery tea becomes a preferred option. While the exact calorie count depends on factors like the amount of milk and jaggery used, a standard cup of jaggery tea contains approximately 50-100 calories.  For those seeking a lighter option, reducing the amount of jaggery or using low-fat milk can further reduce the calorie content while retaining the delightful taste.


Final words…

Jaggery tea's lower calorie profile, coupled with its natural sweetness and health benefits, makes it a suitable choice for individuals seeking a satisfying and guilt-free beverage option. Whether enjoyed as a pick-me-up morning chai or soothing evening tea drink, gud ki chai offers a delightful combination of flavor, nutrition, and calorie consciousness.

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